Jan 152019
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JAN. 15, 2019 – I spend a ton of time working on all aspects of Disney Today to try and build a truly great website for all fans of Disney, but I have to admit, sometimes I become frustrated.

Right now my primary frustration is with the primary design and layout of the site.  I have been trying a number of alternate layouts, but I have not really found one that excites me.  Until I am fully happy with what I am doing, I just cannot find time to update the latest news on a daily basis – mainly because I am working on the background.  I do hope to really focus on news and reviews around the middle of February.  There is a reason for that – I will be in Disney World the first half of the month.

So I have decided to spend the time, between now and when I leave, working on design features.  Every time you stop by, chances are good something will have changed – and probably changed back again.  I truly hope to have the full website design completed by then.