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Jul 092019
 July 9, 2019  Posted by on July 9, 2019 JUST WANNA SAY No Responses »

For some time now, I have been trying to decide exactly what to do with Disney Today.  I certainly intend to continue to operate, that is not the question, but instead the question becomes “What will draw people and excite our members?”

   I realize there are a number of Disney news sites, probably run by folks just like me who have a deep love for everything Disney.  I know some have a major advantage – that being they live close to one of the major parks – while I am 1,500 miles away.  Yes, my wife are Disney Vacation Club members, have annual passes and travel to WDW as often as possible. We regularly take Disney cruises, but we aren’t exactly wealthy, so there are limitations to our ability to update DT on a regular basis with our own photos and experiences.  So we have to peruse many of the other sites just to stay up to date.  We do not plagiarize their stories, but we take a compilation of the similar articles and create our own versions.  That’s called reporting the news and I am a retired newspaper editor and journalist, so I kinda know the legalities.

   That’s completely viable for much of the news, but photos and fresh reports on new merchandise, physical changes to the parks and photos of the latest happenings are a problem.

We need some ‘reporters’.

It’s really very simple.  We are seeking some folks who would enjoy taking pictures, reporting on anything that changes (like walls going up to hide construction or the latest pics of ongoing construction).

Can we promise our reporters anything?  Nope.  Just the joy of seeing your work on the website and perhaps some notoriety that might come from it.  We are seriously considering holding an annual one-day get-together at one of the Disney Resorts (on us) as a minor perk, but that will only come if we get some help on the website.

Some of things I hope in add down the road include podcasts.  I am not certain what form they may take – whether they will start out as just simple’radio’ style or possibly video.

It’s kinda funny … I sit here right now in front of my computer and write this post and I wonder if it will attract any help.  Maybe this time I’ll get a couple feelers … who knows.  However, if you are interested, drop me an email at .  Let’s see if we can come up with something.

Jan 152019
 January 15, 2019  Posted by on January 15, 2019 JUST WANNA SAY, LATEST NEWS AT DISNEY PARKS No Responses »

JAN. 15, 2019 – I spend a ton of time working on all aspects of Disney Today to try and build a truly great website for all fans of Disney, but I have to admit, sometimes I become frustrated.

Right now my primary frustration is with the primary design and layout of the site.  I have been trying a number of alternate layouts, but I have not really found one that excites me.  Until I am fully happy with what I am doing, I just cannot find time to update the latest news on a daily basis – mainly because I am working on the background.  I do hope to really focus on news and reviews around the middle of February.  There is a reason for that – I will be in Disney World the first half of the month.

So I have decided to spend the time, between now and when I leave, working on design features.  Every time you stop by, chances are good something will have changed – and probably changed back again.  I truly hope to have the full website design completed by then.

Feb 202018
 February 20, 2018  Posted by on February 20, 2018 JUST WANNA SAY, LATEST NEWS AT DISNEY PARKS No Responses »

As our readers know, Phyllis and I spent the first half of February in WDW and on a Disney Cruise with our close friends Kim and Henry Boyd.  We had a great time and I do have a few comments to discuss.

My main focus on WDW was Animal Kingdom to take photos of all sorts of things for the website.  Many are now in place, but there is a lot more to come.

While we were there we discovered some plans for the World of Flight.  Currently it is being remodeled, but according to our contacts there, the long term goal will be a completely new show, focusing around the birds already found in Animal Kingdom.  Looks like another excuse to head south soon.

Even in early February, the lines into the two rides in Pandora were huge.  We waited over two hours just to get into Na’vi River Journey and the line for the Avatar Flight of Passage was twice as long. For obvious reasons we are going to wait until our next trip to check it out.  We were told the reason for the long lines was it was a weekend (Friday) and the locals come out in large numbers at that time.

However, we were impressed by the river ride.  Much of the display contained things we knew very well from watching Avatar many time and the system they used to project many of the scenes and animals was impressive.  You could barely notice the screen.

The one thing I felt was missing was the base used by the human occupiers of Pandora.  There were a couple references to it, but I would have liked to walk through it and seen many of the things (airships, exo-skeletons etc.)  What will they be adding once Pandora 2 hits the screens?

On to the cruise!

Phyllis and I are huge fans of the Disney Cruise Lines.  This was our 6th cruise and we plan many more.  The Fantasy is a lovely boat and the staff were amazing.  I met a couple of staff members I hope to meet again someday. Jenny in the Senses Spa rubbed me the right way (massage) and Steph in Guest Services was more than helpful in many ways.  Thanks to both.  We had a great restaurant staff and our cabin steward more than took care of us.  This is probably why we think Disney Cruises are the best (followed by Princess and then the ones we will never take again Royal Caribbean and Carnival).

Our stops were in St. Thomas and St. Martin. We did some shopping in both places and visited Coral World in St. Thomas.  I happen to be a big fish hobbyist, so, of course, we had to check it out.  I was not happy with how far I had to walk over a mile from the bus drop off back to the ship.  I am somewhat handicapped and could not use my scooter.  I hope Disney considers adding more excursions for those of us who have limited mobility.  My friend Henry, remained on the ship because he could not walk at all any distance.  Admittedly, he is a big boy, but still, without the scooter he simply could not go off the ship.

The food was amazing as always and we did hit Palo’s which is an experience in itself.  Ohh, to find Oso Boco somewhere near me *sigh*.

We met one of the nicest people ever – Tamara.  I hope she stops by and reads this if for no other reason to know how much liked her.  She was on her honeymoon and sent a bottle of wine to our table. We tried to reciprocate, but the Concierge on her level goofed up sadly.  We sent her champagne and wishes for a great forever marriage.

This was the first time we used Southwest to fly to Florida.  We thought they did a great job for the price we paid.  I just hate the long lines at the Orlando airport when trying to board the flight home.  Enough so, we are seriously considering our next trip will be by car.  Certainly if it is for a stay at WDW.

All that being said, I suspect I have more to add over the next week or two.

Tom G

Jan 252018
 January 25, 2018  Posted by on January 25, 2018 JUST WANNA SAY No Responses »

   Well, my wife and I are getting excited about our planned Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Disney Fantasy.  This cruise has stops at St. Thomas and St. Martin as well as the obligatory day at Castaway Cay.

This isn’t our first cruise on the Disney Cruise Line, in fact it is our sixth and the first as Gold Castaway Club members. We’re looking forward to seeing what goodies our new status will bring (yes, I am greedy for Disney thingies).  Our room is about as far to the stern of the ship as possible, but we will have a lovely view of everywhere we went (laugh).

This trip will be a bit different. We are taking our good friends Kim and Henry Boyd along for the fun and company.  We will be making a brief stop at WDW and staying in our DVC resort Old Key West for a couple nights.  I want to see Pandora and the new Rivers of Light and get some pics for Disney Today.  It is kind of hard to have all the latest when I don’t live in Florida, but that may be changing someday soon. Who knows?

I plan to do a bit of ‘reporting’ on the cruise with pictures and more.  The info will probably not be online until we return home, but I am planning on setting up a facebook page at some point for DNT.  Once that’s in place I can update everyone on a regular basis.  It will all depend on how lazy I am before we leave.

Anyway … wish us bon voyage!