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   Who are we?

Good question.   First, we are Tom & Phyllis Grady,  a retired couple married for over 35 years.  We both enjoy travel and Disney in particular.  We travel to some Disney ‘resort’ at least once a year.  We are members of the Disney Vacation Club and highly recommend it if you love to travel pretty much anywhere in the world.  Feel free to mention our names to your DVC representative if you join.  Our names won’t gain any benefits for you, but we get a small credit!

Tom is a retired journalist and newspaper editor. Currently I am a novelist (believe it or not – Romance and Paranormal) and my novels can be found on Amazon.  I am also a tropical fish hobbyist, bird watcher and animal fan.  We have a couple other websites dedicated to our life lists and pictures of the different creatures we have seen in either a zoo or in the wild. (links can be found on this website).

Phyllis is a retired special education teacher who still substitutes when asked.  She has developed similar interests to Tom about bird watching and animals.

We live deep in the wilds of northern New York.  Believe it or not, a wilderness does exist just south of the Canadian border and in the Adirondack Mountains.  That is where we live amidst the Bear, Deer and tons of other smaller animals.  The house we own was once a brief stop on the Underground Railroad prior to the Civil War and a few remnants remain from that era.  The original foundation was built from boulders, large rocks and tree trunks and those are still a part of the building.  Kind of neat.

Let us know about you!

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